• Spirit Wear Order Form
  • email Fundraiser@brookwoodfencing.com for additional information
  • Fencer T-shirts (shield on the front and listing of fencers by weapon on the back)*     $16
  • Parent/Family T-shirt (Shield on front only)     $14
  • Hoodie Sweatshirt   (Shield on front only)      $24
  • Long-sleeve T-shirt (Shield on front only)     $21
  • Car Magnet  Measures approximately 6″ x 5″)     $10
  • Yard sign (personalized with fencer name and weapon)   $25
* Please remember that each fencer recieves on t-shirt and one pair of socks. You may order an extra t=shirt for the fencer at the price noted aboe. These shirts may also be ordered by parents and family members who wish to have the fencer listing on the back.
Both the “Fencer” shirts and the “Parent/Family” shirts are short-sleeved and made of a softer,slightly lighter weight cotton than the t-shirts we’ve used in prior years. The long-sleeve t’s are made of the traditional weight cotton.